Lectures & Workshops

I offer lectures and workshops to all interested parties, both on-site and on-line. Topics include the deteriorating factors affecting textiles and how to slow their effects. I try to give the audience enough background information about conservation recommendations and guidelines so that they can assess for themselves future recommendations and guidelines. I make a point of recommending low-cost low-tech common sense solutions.  Attendees leave with a large amount of useful reference materials to foster caring for their collections.

Recent lectures and workshops:

  • Napa Valley Quilters
  • Sonoma State University ArtH 467 “Museum Collections Management
  • Peninsula Quilters
  • Gilroy Museum
  • Museums Association of Montana
  • Marin History Museum
  • Phoenix Art Museum
  • Golden Gate Canvas Workers
  • Bay Area Sampler Guild
  • Balboa Art Conservation Center:
    • Tempe, AZ
    • Sacramento, CA
    • San Diego, CA
    • Chico, CA
    • Eugene, OR
    • Seattle, WA

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