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Post your questions about your family treasure. Want to know the best way to store a historical object? Need advice about how to display a contemporary hanging? Would you like to schedule a Lecture and/or a Workshop?  I’ll answer as quickly as I can.

3 comments on “Ask the Conservator

  1. Fred Renn

    My friend has a cape her mother was given from a bull fighter in Spain and would like to have it properly restored. She lives in Phoenix Arizona. How do we do this?

  2. Christie Ohlhaver


    We are an interior design company based in Orange County and we recently finished a job up in Sacramento. We had a sofa reupholstered in a custom woven chenille. Unfortunately the sofa fabric somehow got a hole on the front lip about the size of a finger tip. The hole did not go through the backing. We were able to get some loose threads and were advised to contact an antique fabric repairer. Is this something you can help us with? I would be happy to send you photos and any other details needed.

    Thank you.

  3. Melanie Henry

    My beautiful copper-haired mother was a singer who used very fine copper metal thread to knit a two-piece evening dress in the 1940s. She wore the dress during performances several times. I have stored it in her cedar chest. There is a very strong odor now. I can find no resources for this type of textile. Please tell me how to preserve it and to stop what I assume is oxidation.

    Thank you
    Melanie Henry

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